Located on San Juan Island, Washington
Summary of Mainstay Marine, Inc Services:

• Replace propellors and zincs on boats in the water
• Provide rope, chain & anchors; line splicing and rigging
• Inspect and replace line and chain for docks and moorings

Mainstay Services with Jen Jay Diving, Inc:

• Biological evaluations and eel grass surveys
• Project mitigation planning and execution
• Eel grass transplants
• Pipe line and cable installation, anchoring and repair
• Narrated digital video viewed from the surface

Mainstay Services with Pintail Marine, Inc:

• Install moorings and docks with crane barge

Mooring Buoys: Their Benefits and How to Get Them

Many waterfront property owners enjoy mooring one or several boats in front of their property. Others wish to extend some measure of control over the water in front of their property and feel that this enhances the value of their property, developed or not.

Most mooring buoys need to be licensed. Click here to find out how.

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