How to Get a Mooring Buoy

All new mooring buoy installations must have a permit. I can install a mooring once you have the permit in hand.

To get a permit pick the spot you want for your mooring and then:

A. Get an eel grass survey. You need this document to submit with your permit. The survey will also help you determine the best site or in some cases whether a mooring is feasible at all. Call Chris Betcher at Jen Jay Diving in Deer Harbor, WA

B. File the permit applications. Many people like to use a permit co-ordinator to help with this somewhat complicated and tedious process. There are several people well experienced in the process.
On San Juan Island, call:
Pauli Gavora (360)378-4348
Bob Querry (360)378-7053
On Orcas Island, call:
Terry Williams (360)376-5938
Jeff Otis (360)376-3679

Once you have the permit in hand, then call me to make a date to install the mooring.

If the permit allows for a 4000lb concrete anchor, this option costs $2200 (plus tax).

If the permit specifies that you must use an embedded anchor, we can install a hellix or a manta ray embedded anchor. (See www.earthanchor.com) This costs $4200 (plus tax) for any location within San Juan County.

These prices include the anchor and all the tackle which meets the requirements of the permit. It will be ready for you to tie up your boat.

The mooring does have components which need to be replaced as maintenance items from time to time. You can do this yourself or I can do it for you. I always have the mooring components in stock and ready to go.

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